Health Rules


Health Rules have been developed to support individuals using the Dossia Health Manager™ as they navigate our increasingly complex and convoluted healthcare system. Each Health Rule is designed to help an individual take action in one of two ways:

  • Simplifying health maintenance with reminders on when to get checkups or recommended screenings
  • Guiding them through a habit formation process to create healthy daily habits

Health Rules support individuals by helping them understand not only what they need to do to improve health and wellbeing, but by simplifying what steps they need to take to get there.

Included with the Dossia Health Manager™ is a standard set of Health Rules using evidence-based guidelines from national quality organizations such as NCQA, NIH and other nationally-respected organizations.

Using the Dossia Dashboard™, organizations can also utilize the Health Rule toolkit to create population-specific health rules. A Health Rule can also be created to automate reminders for individuals. Want a Health Rule that rewards individuals for building a daily habit to take their vitamins? You can do it using the Dossia Dashboard™.

Components of Health Rules


A trigger identifies all users to whom that Rule applies. Each trigger identifies these users by simply using the existing filter functionality of the Dossia Dashboard™. Once you create a filter, or set of filters, to identify your target group, a Health Rule can be created to support those users as they improve their health or create a daily habit.

Want to create a Health Rule to support patients under 50 with hypertension in taking their medication every day? Create a filter to identify all individuals in this population and you're ready to create a tailored intervention.


An intervention is designed to encourage Dossia Health Manager™ users to take action. Using any of the notification options available within the Dossia Dashboard™, organizations can support individuals as they take the next step to improving health and wellness. Any new or existing notification created within the Dossia Dashboard™ can be easily transformed into a new health rule.

Since interventions are the second part of the Health Rule, they can be tailored as much, or as little, as the trigger requires.


A reward is an optional benefit that can be given to a user for taking action. Although optional, rewards may be an extremely beneficial method in supporting individuals as they improve their health and wellbeing. By default, the Dossia Health Manager™ currently supports two types of rewards: gold and silver coins; however, any reward type can be added to the system. Rewards can be as simple as a congratulatory notification or as complex as gift cards or other incentives.