Take Control

Dossia Health Manager™ users can:

  • Safely and securely aggregate their personal health information with a single click
  • Keep a complete lifelong record of all medical information
  • Facilitate communication and care coordination with health professionals
  • Reduce duplicative or unnecessary tests and procedures
  • Become more active participants in their care
  • Keep track of vital health metrics
  • Help family members manage their health
  • Securely access their health information 24-hours a day

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Total Population Health

The Dossia Dashboard™ enables population health experts to:

  • Use reporting, analytic and predictive tools that identify health risks of their population, understand which health risks are modifiable, steer interventions and monitor engagement.
  • Use a a customizable rule set that can be used to create engaging interventions triggered by health data.
  • Deliver personal health applications that can improve health, reduce cost, and educate Dossia Health Manager™ users relative to the quality of healthcare available
  • Provide a means to align engagement with a benefits plan.

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Health Engagement Toolkit

We have created a marketplace of personal health applications that extends the value of the Dossia Health Manager™.

Dossia has partnered with many third party applications ranging from apps that offer tips for expecting mothers to financial management tools that help our users locate higher value healthcare. Users may also choose to enable the Dossia system to suggest the most relevant applications and devices based on the information contained in their personal health record.