Total Population Health

Our newest product, the Dossia Dashboard™, provides organizations with detailed and actionable analysis of the health of a population as well as a means to take action.

A comprehensive, web-based console, the Dossia Dashboard™ enables:

  • The ability to communicate, automatically and continuously to targeted individuals with our Health Rules capability (e.g. all hypertension Dossia Health Manager™ users will receive an email reminder to monitor their blood pressure regularly.)
  • The ability to customize your population health engagement strategy by modifying our existing library of Health Rules or by creating your own Health Rules using our toolkit.
  • Reporting, analytic and predictive tools such that your organization can understand the health risks of the population, understand which health risks are modifiable and direct appropriate interventions to address those risks.
  • Two-way communication between population health professionals such as providers or health coaches and Dossia Health Manager™ users.
  • Recommendations to targeted users to consider one of our growing set of personal health applications. (e.g. a new medication entering a Dossia Health Manager™ user's account may trigger a recommendation to use the Medication Manager application which checks for drug-drug interactions and drug recalls.)
  • Fantastic reports detailing engagement analytics with the system.
  • The ability for healthcare professionals to issue health challenges to groups - with reports on the results of those challenges. Select from our library of health challenges, or create your own!
  • A means to enable value-based benefits plans and initiatives.

Dashboard Features

Role-Based and Group Level Security

Population Health analytics can be a complex undertaking. The Dossia Dashboard™ cuts through the clutter by offering two powerful capabilities that delivers the right data to the right population health professional.

Role-Based Security

The Dossia Dashboard™ supports many standard user roles that are common in our industry.

  • A System Administrator may have access to all system functions and the ability to create new Dossia Dashboard™ accounts as well as assign rights to individual users.
  • A Health Coach can run certain reports, create health challenges and perform communication actions with Dossia Health Manager ™ users.
  • Population Health Administrator such as a benefits staff member, consultant, or a population health expert may view many of our analytic reports and work to align the behaviour of the Dossia solution with the rules of a health and wellness plan.
  • A Healthcare Provider such as a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician. Individuals with this role in the system have access to individual health information, subject to appropriate permission, security, authentication and authorization capabilities.

Group Level Security

The Dossia Dashboard™ includes a simple tree structure for visualizing your population. The tree structure is specific to your organization and defined by you. Users and/or Roles may be granted access privileges to a specific tree structure element, controlling who may be able to view or modify certain groups within the population.


The Dossia Dashboard™ includes a powerful filter capability that instantly limits your working data set. Interested in only diabetic individuals? Enable a filter for this subset of the population and all reports, analytics and capabilities of the Dossia Dashboard™ operate only on the diabetic population. No need to wait for a developer to produce a report, or learn complex report writing languages.

Are you often interested in viewing the blood pressure progress report for all hypertensive patients in California that are male and older than 50? Your favorite filters may be saved and easily retrieved in the future.


The Dossia Dashboard™ includes a set of beautifully designed population health reports that can uncover critical data needed to help organizations achieve better health and lower costs. Reports include:

Health Rules

A Health Rule is comprised of a trigger, an intervention and an optional reward. Health Rules encourage a Dossia Health Manager™ user to complete a behavior that will lead to improved wellbeing and appropriate use of healthcare system. Health Rules can empower an individual to take a one-time step towards improved health or create a daily habit.

  • A trigger - Based on the specific goals of the Health Rule, a trigger identifies all users to whom that Rule applies. An example of a trigger for a Health Rule might be all 50 year olds who have not had colon cancer screenings.
  • An intervention - An intervention is designed to encourage our users to take action and will support the user in taking the next step towards improved wellbeing and better health. An example of an intervention might be a special notification in the system reminding the user about the importance of colon cancer screening.
  • A reward - A reward is an optional benefit that can be given to a user for taking action. Rewards can be as simple as a congratulatory notification or as complex as gift cards or other incentives.

Learn more about Dossia's Health Rules

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