Health Manager

Putting it all together

There are many layers that make health personal. That’s why connecting with participants on a personal basis is critical to successful development of healthier habits and an organization-wide infusion of a culture of health. The Dossia Health Management System™ integrates personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools. At the core of the Dossia system is a robust personal health record that you can use to automatically collect available professionally sourced health information as well as self entered healthcare data. The Dossia Health Management System™ also offers a means to share your health information with your family, doctors, and trusted friends, as well as a set of integrated personal health applications and devices.

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Health Manager Features

News Feed

The Dossia Health Manager™ offers a news feed that is constantly updated in real-time, where you can view all of your family's activities and alerts, including:

  • A notice that new health information has been added to one of your family member's accounts
  • A health recommendation that helps you better understand and manage your specific conditions and health needs
  • An announcement that a new application is available in the marketplace
  • A notification that your spouse has joined a physical activity challenge

Announcements Area

Now, with the new Announcements Area, sponsoring organizations can provide customized, up-to-date information, images, and links to other resources that are specific to the individual or population group. For example, if your organization wanted to offer easy-to-find information about this year's flu shot locations and times, the Announcements Area would be an ideal location to prominently display this information.


Challenge your friends and colleagues to get healthier with Dossia's Health Challenges. You can either take on a health challenge yourself to earn points, or work together with team members. Some of the challenges include:

  • Jog or run for 20 minutes on three days this week
  • Do 20 minutes of active household chores (like house-cleaning, or yard work) two times this week
  • Replace dessert with fruit on two days this week

Dossia Personal Health Record

At the core of the Dossia Health Manager™ is a robust personal health record that you can securely share with a family member, trusted friend or health care professional. Dossia organizes and aggregates a person's personal health information into the following health categories:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Visits
  • Procedures
  • Problems
  • Test Results
  • Clinical Reports

Health Application Portal

The Dossia Health Manager™ gives you the ability to use your health applications in one location. Your Dossia Health Manager includes these pre-installed applications:

  • Health Content - a library of professionally written health articles and recipes.
  • Measurements - view and track important biometrics over time such as weight, cholesterol values, blood pressure and others.
  • Biosignia - Know Your Number - Driven by a powerful, patented predictive technology, Know Your Number is the first and only multi-dimensional tool to predict the risk of onset, progression, or life expectancy related to multiple chronic diseases.
    Learn more about Biosignia—Know Your Number
  • Healthcare BlueBook - Healthcare Blue Book is a free consumer guide to help users determine fair prices in their area for healthcare services.
  • iTriage - With iTriage, users can evaluate their symptoms, learn about possible causes, find appropriate medical facilities, and get quality reports.

Learn more about Marketplace apps

Health Marketplace

Find applications that are right for you. Dossia offers a wide variety of applications and devices that can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Free
  • Available for individual purchase
  • Sponsored by a health plan or provider
  • Percentage covered by your health plan

Learn more about Marketplace apps

Health Calendar

  • Track your family's appointments, procedures and other health events
  • View events for all family members with those that share their record with you.
  • Integrates with Google calendars.

Invite Family Members

The Dossia Health Manager™ allows you to invite family members to create their own account. This will help you to care for loved ones from a distance, or participate in a health challenge together.

To-Do List

You are now able to maintain a "To-Do" list which will help you manage items related to you and your family's health and care. The Dossia Health Manager™ will identify and automatically enter items that are missing in your record. You can also add your own "To-Do" items for yourself and/or your family members that will serve as reminders.


Users receive points, or "silver" for completing various tasks within their Dossia Health Manager.

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