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Putting it All Together

The Dossia Health Management System integrates aggregated personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools, as well as multiple user engagement components to offer a rich and personalized experience. By combing these customized solutions into a single intelligent platform and powering them with real personal health data, the Dossia system enables unprecedented personalization and offers superior value to the user.


Managing the Family's Health and Wellness

Sandra uses the Dossia Health Manager to help manage her family's health and wellness. In this clip, while in the process of sharing her kids' vaccination records with their camp counselor, the Dossia Health Manager alerts Sandra that Timmy is due for a vaccination. Sandra also decides to save time on an upcoming doctor's appointment for Timmy and proactively shares his record with his doctor.


An Introduction to Dossia

Watch this video and listen to several of Dossia's founding members explain why Dossia was created, how it works, and the anticipated benefits of this initiative to individuals, medical providers and employers.



From Mainframe to Personal Health Care: The Role of Health IT in Healthcare Transformation

Join Eric Dishman in a discussion of his views on the role that Health Information Technology will play in the future with regard to driving down healthcare costs in the US and globally, while increasing the quality of care patients receive. Drawing upon Intel's healthcare field research in more than 1000 patient households, 250 health facilities, and 20 countries, Eric will share some of the learnings, megatrends, and new I.T. capabilities that help shift healthcare from a population-based, clinic-centric model to a personalized, consumer-centric model.


Patient PAL CEO Jack London on "Patient Engagement Strategies to Achieve Higher Value Healthcare"

Join Patient PAL CEO Jack London in a discussion around engagement strategies for TPAs to increase user engagement in order to achieve higher value healthcare.


Former Pitney Bowes CEO Mike Critelli on "The Next Generation of Value-Based Health Plan Design"

Mike Critelli, former CEO and Chairman of Pitney Bowes, is regarded as a leading innovator in employer-based health programs, having created a revolutionary "culture of health" during his time at the company. Under Mike's leadership, the organization created an environment that was highly conducive to prevention, wellness and superior health care delivery by embracing the concept of value-based benefit design to drive optimal plan participant and provider behaviors.


The Dossia Dashboard™

Our newest product, the Dossia Dashboard™, provides organizations with detailed and actionable analysis of the health of a population as well as a means to take action.

The Dossia Health Management System™

The Dossia Health Management System™ integrates aggregated personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools, as well as multiple user engagement components to offer a rich and personalized experience.

Dossia Executive Summary

Dossia empowers employers, health plan administrators and providers with the visibility and control required to effectively manage their population’s health and wellness, while empowering members to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyles

White Papers

For CEOs

You are frustrated by your Company's inability to control healthcare costs. What can you do in an environment in which the federal government has taken a much more active role in healthcare management.

For HR and Benefits Leaders

HR and Benefits departments of large, self-insured employers, struggle to bring healthcare costs under control. To those of you on the front lines, we express our deepest sympathy and admiration for what you are trying to accomplish. What are some of your common challenges.

For Providers

I am always amazed at the weak link in the doctor-patient relationship, the degree to which doctors have to depend on what the patient remembers when he or she is asked to complete a paper-based form after checking in. For someone visiting an office for the first time, the individual completes a medical history form, which is highly likely to be incomplete, since it is asking often about events that occurred decades ago. However, even for people visiting their regular physicians, we ask them to remember what has happened in between visits that can be months or years apart.

Combining Comprehensive Data and Apps into Integrated Solutions for Health, Healthcare and Health Spending Problems

Employers acquire services from health plans, prevention and wellness vendors, disease management vendors, and many of the service vendors who also have services or software available in the Dossia Marketplace. The health plans also aggregate health claims data, and provide a portal for their members that, in theory, replicate what Dossia has to offer.

Dossia's Engagement Capability

Online personal health management systems like Dossia's are particularly good at identifying and using engagement levers, because they can ask users what interests them, and can monitor user behaviors continually, if the user consents to such monitoring, to identify what the user actually finds engaging. In looking at a wide range of websites designed to produce health engagement, these sites work on one or, at most, a few of the tools for engagement.

Dossia Health Management System Reduces Healthcare Costs and Improves Healthcare Quality

Dossia, unlike portals created by health plans and provider systems, is structured solely to benefit the consumers. It has no financial incentive to lock the consumers into a particular provider system, health plan, pharmacy, test lab, or applications provider. It is designed to accept new applications over time, based on consumers' preferences and to offer multiple options to consumers if health plan sponsors allow it to do so.

"Nudging" Consumers To Engage in Positive Behaviors

The ultimate goal of every health plan, every incentive and reward program, and every program designed to help the plan's members is to get them to spend far less on healthcare coverage than the organization has budgeted, and to make them healthier. The importance of this set of goals is that the health plan has to be designed to drive the right behaviors and to discourage the wrong ones.

The Dossia Difference

Year after year, American health declines, and the cost of healthcare keeps increasing. Hope springs eternal that some new product, program, cure, drug, treatment, or form of medicine will reverse this trend, but it does not happen. I will not repeat what everyone knows: we spend too much on healthcare and get disappointing results in terms of every major health indicator.

Press Releases

Dossia Rolls Out Health Analytics Platform to Support Technology-Driven Population Health Management

September 26th, 2013

BOSTON (September 26, 2013) - In a move to help organizations rein in health care costs and improve their members? health, Dossia today announced the launch of the Dossia Dashboard, a population health management system that pairs the company?s personal health management platform with real-time data analytics and evidence-based health rules to drive targeted and personalized health interventions.

Dossia Launches New Livli Social Network to Promote Better Consumer Health

Oct. 24th, 2012

Free Online Service Promotes Well-Being in Interactive Setting that Targets and Tracks a Healthier Lifestyle.

Dossia Allies with Mediclim to Provide Weather Related Health Alerts

Sept. 25th, 2012

Leading Health Management System provider adds best in class weather health warning system to application ecosystem.

Dossia Announces Strategic Alliance with to Provide Users with Online Access to Dermatologists

Aug. 27, 2012

Leading online dermatology provider adds services to Dossia Marketplace

Dossia Allies with City of New York to Launch Pilot for Community-Based Health Promotion Initiative

May 7, 2012

Leading Personal Health Management System Provider offers Personal Health Manager to community organizations to better manage health promotion programs among local communities.

Deployment of Dossia Health Management System Leads to Increased Engagement Among User Populations of Fortune 500 Companies

December 12, 2011

Dossia, a leading Personal Health Management System provider, today announced that the Dossia Health Management System has been deployed at six of its founding member companies. The Dossia Health Management System, which was announced in July 2011, makes individuals' health data actionable with customized applications that are brought together on a single intelligent platform in order to deliver unprecedented personalization to better support wellness and healthcare decision-making.

Since deploying the Dossia Health Manager beginning in Mid-September, Dossia has seen a significant increase in engagement among its user population. With the availability of new and innovative capabilities, there has been a 30% increase in unique monthly users, along with a 42% increase in the sharing of records with family members, providers and other healthcare professionals. Additionally, daily log-in activity has increased by over 20%.

Dossia Launches Next Generation Health Management System

July 20, 2011

Dossia, a leading Personal Health Record System provider, today announced the launch of the Dossia Health Manager, an innovative health management system. The Dossia solution makes individuals' health data actionable with customized applications that are brought together on a single intelligent platform in order to deliver unprecedented personalization to better support wellness and healthcare decision-making. The Dossia System further integrates game and social dynamics, incentives and messaging to foster sustained user engagement and behavior change, thereby offering long-term value to employers, employees and their families.

Dossia Supports "3rd Annual Public Health and Technology Conference" at Harvard School of Public Health

April 13, 2011

Dossia, a leading Personal Health Management System provider, announced today that it is supporting the Harvard School of Public Health's Public Health and Technology Student Forum's 3rd Annual Public Health and Technology Conference. The conference, entitled "Enabling the Adoption of HIT to Transform Patient Care," is a daylong event that will bring together industry and academic experts to discuss the current state of Health IT in the US as well as a vision for the future. The conference will take place at the historic Harvard Club of Boston, on Monday, April 25th, 2011.

Dossia Appoints Former Pitney Bowes Chief Executive Michael Critelli as President and CEO.

January 6, 2011

Dossia, a leading personal health record platform provider, announced today the appointment of Michael Critelli as President and CEO. Mr. Critelli is the former CEO of Pitney Bowes and has been serving as Dossia's Chairman of the Board. Craig Barrett, retired CEO/Chairman of the Board of Intel, will be replacing Mr. Critelli as Dossia's new Board Chairman.

Dossia Allies with Healthcare Blue Book to Empower Employees with Fair Pricing Information.

December 1, 2010

Leading Personal Health Platform Provider continues commitment to enabling employers and employees to achieve better value for their healthcare spending by adding leading online provider of fair healthcare pricing information to application ecosystem.

Dossia Continues to Accelerate Personal Health Solution Ecosystem Growth and Expands Offerings.

May 24, 2010

Dossia announces that the organization will now be offering the Dossia Personal Health Platform to companies outside the original Founder community as a Software-as-a-Service package.

Joint Statement - Dossia, Google, Microsoft

March 15, 2010

Dossia, Google and Microsoft offer joint comments on the HHS proposed rule.

Why Dossia Q & A

January 29, 2010

Dossia Announces Dependent Capabilities for Personal Health Records

October 26, 2009

Leading Personal Health Record Provider Announces That It Now Offers Personal Health Records to Dependents, in Addition to Employees

Value of employee wellness

October 10, 2009

Value of employee wellness

Benefits of investing in Dossia

September 9, 2009

Benefits of investing in Dossia

Dossia API Release

June 30, 2009

Dossia Unveils New Application Programming Interface for its Personally- Controlled Health Record Platform

Dossia comments to HIT Policy Committee on Meaningful Use-June, 26 2009

June 26, 2009

Comments regarding the Recommendations of the HIT Policy Committee Meaningful Use Workgroup

HHS Dossia Testimony 5-8-09

May 20, 2009

Written Testimony of Colin Evans, President CEO, Dossia before the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Subcommittee on Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security May 20, 2009.

Abraxis Bioscience joins Dossia Founders Group

April 8, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore., April 8, 2009 Dossia today announced Abraxis BioScience Inc. as the newest member of the Dossia Founders Group, joining eight major U.S. employers dedicated to empowering employees to make smarter, more informed decisions about their healthcare. The Dossia Founders include Applied Materials, AT&T, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, Pitney Bowes, sanofi-aventis and Wal-Mart.

Open Letter to the Hon Barack H Obama

January 23, 2009

Open Letter to the Hon Barack H Obama

MediKeeper selected as a PHR application provider by Dossia

January 12, 2009

MediKeeper, a leading provider of software and technologies for patient and employee health, wellness, and adherence, has been selected as one of Dossia's personal health record application providers.

Dossia Executive Appointed New CCHIT Commissioner

October 20, 2008

Richard Benoit lends healthcare technology expertise to organizations certification program.

Dossia Joins Continua Health Alliance

October 13, 2008

Dossia Joins Continua Health Alliance, Highlights Open Standards for Healthcare Technology

Wal-Mart/Dossia Deployment to Associates

September 13, 2008

As the first major step in a series of milestones to connect consumers to their health information, Dossia has deployed its personally-controlled health record (PCHRs) to Wal-Mart associates as part of their open enrollment period. A close collaboration between Dossia, Wal-Mart and WebMD, this PCHR deployment connects Wal-Mart associates to their health information in a direct and meaningful way, empowering them to make better-informed healthcare decisions.

Dossia Advocates

September 8, 2008

Notes from the Dossia allies at launch.

Craig R. Barrett's Testimony to the Senate Committee on Finance, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

The transcription of Craig R. Barrett's testimony to the Senate Committee on Finance for their summit, titled "Prepare for Launch: Health Reform Summit 2008: Trends in Employer Sponsored Health Coverage."

About Dossia

June 16, 2008

A flyer with basic information about Dossia and the Dossia Personally-Controlled Health Record system.

New Orleans Health Department Exploring Lifelong Medical Records

July 31, 2008

The City of New Orleans Health Department Exploring Lifelong Medical Records.

Company Statements

July 31, 2008

Comments on Dossia from America's Corporate Leaders.

Dossia Gains Momentum

July 31, 2008

Dossia gains momentum toward providing employees with personal, private, portable and secure health records.

Dossia Launches

July 31, 2008

Major U.S. Employers Join to Provide Lifelong Personal Health Records for Employees

Cardinal Health Joins Dossia

July 31, 2008

Cardinal Health Joins Major U.S. Employers in Effort to Make Lifelong Personal Health Records Available to Individuals Nationwide