The Dossia Solution

Dossia's Population Health Management System consists of two exciting and powerful web-based portals that provide employers, health plan administrators and providers with end-to-end solutions to proactively engage their population's health and well-being, while empowering members to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyles.

Dossia's 2-tiered Health Solution is a combination of:

Dossia Health Manager™

Allows users to manage their health and care, along with the health management of other family members through real-time access to a lifelong, untethered personal health record. A user can view all of his or her health information, activities and alerts, along with those of family members who have shared their record.

Dossia Dashboard™

Gives employers, plan administrators and providers the visibility and control required to effectively manage their population while empowering members to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyles. The Dossia Dashboard™ enables population health experts with access to real-time health information and also provides a secure engagement platform they need to effectively administer behavior-change and care compliance programs.

The Dossia Health Management System™

The Dossia Health Management System™ integrates aggregated personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools, as well as multiple user engagement components to offer a rich and personalized experience.

By combining these customized solutions into a single intelligent platform and powering them with real personal health data, the Dossia Health Management System™ enables unprecedented personalization and offers superior value to the user.

Dossia further augments the value of these solutions by adding a layer of engagement, comprised of game and social dynamics, incentives and messaging in order to foster sustained user engagement, behavior change and value to employers.

Our Customer Solutions provide the following benefits to:

Self-Funded Employers

  • Identification and mitigation of health and occupational claim exposure and avoidable costs
  • Improved health outcomes for your employees
  • More efficient care, reduced costs, lower absenteeism, and increased employee productivity, morale, and retention

Health Plans/ACOs

  • Promotes best value providers and outcomes with extensive monitoring and tracking capabilities
  • Provides healthcare professionals with tools necessary to make their patients active partners in managing their health
  • Increased effectiveness of treatments which ensures long-term success

Health & Wellness Providers

  • Power real-time clinical data from professional medical sources
  • Integration with personalized tools, reporting and incentives through one centralized system for a more holistic approach

Concierge Medicine

  • Provides validation for proactive preventative efforts with patients
  • Enables providers to suggest & "prescribe" specific interventions through Dossia's library of Health Rules, which they can use to track a patient's progress

TPAs, Brokers & Consultants

  • Aligns with clients' culture of wellness to deliver self-health management solutions
  • Centralizes wellness, population management and benefit plans with one centralized administrative and implementation platform